sophia_sadek (sophia_sadek) wrote,

World Mental Health Day?

Yesterday was world mental health day. One of the things that its founders advocate is the "proper" treatment and care of those considered mentally unwell. The state of best practices in the mental health profession is pretty damned abysmal. Those who advocate "best" practices tend to overlook the inadequacies of such practices and the need for better practices. Development of better practices is hindered by interference from those with a financial commitment to abusive practices.

The three most frequently used forms of psychiatric abuse are lobotomy, electro-shock (ECT), and hard sedation. The first two were more popular in the past than they are now. The third is considered to be so normal and even necessary that to deny sedation would leave a practitioner liable to a malpractice suit. All three practices have been shown to result in brain damage at one level or another. Although the damage caused by sedation is less apparent than that caused by the other two "treatments," it can still be quite significant. Tardive dyskinesia is an overt symptom of such damage. Its prevalence can be reduced with secondary drugs. More subtle damage results in more subtle damage symptoms.

What we need is not a day to focus on mental health, but a day to focus on psychiatric abuse and its countless victims.
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