sophia_sadek (sophia_sadek) wrote,

International Community? What International Community?

The recent tragedy in the sky over the Ukraine has shined an unexpected spotlight on the most secret of enclaves, the American military intelligence machine. Those of us who have studied that machine from the outside and from within know that it is far better at contriving information than in delivering it. This can be seen again in the reports on the Malaysian air disaster.

Media pundits bandy the words "international community" about as if they had genuine significance. If this so-called community was a real community, the raw data would not be held in the private hands of American military intelligence. If this so-called international conglomerate was truly international, the Americans would treat their partners as equals, not as subordinates.

Some of out students have come up with alternative scenarios that place culpability in spots less comfortable to advocates of the American empire. One such scenario includes the possibility of an on-board explosive, such as a terrorist device. Another scenario is that the raw data includes electronic signals intended to make the airliner appear to be a military aircraft. This is the kind of deceptive technique that was most likely employed in the KAL-007 incident.

Those who fail to learn from the deceptive practices of American military intelligence are doomed to be deceived by them. There is a genuine international community, but you will not find it on CNN or Faux News.
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