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10th December 2014

9:08am: The Rhetoric of Nature
The single idea that recurs again and again in the rhetoric of religious reactionaries is the notion that something is against nature. Prophylactic devices should not be used because they do violence to nature. People of the same sex should not be allowed to wed because their lifestyle is unnatural. These people claim to own a trademark on the definition of nature and they profess to know what is in favor of nature and what is against it.

Are these people opposed to all things artificial? Do they eschew wine made from grapes grown on grafted vines? Do they abstain from the use of optical prosthetics on the grounds that they are not natural? Do they harness a horse to a cart rather than employ an internal combustion engine or an electric motor? Do they carry their belongings on their heads rather than harness a horse to a cart? Do they refrain from opulent rituals on the basis of the artificial trappings of medieval bling? None of these things are considered "against nature" in the minds of these despots.

Margaret Sanger celebrated the fact that the Roman religion adopted the rhythm method as a birth control technique. It validated the essence of her mission. Romans claimed that the rhythm method did no violence against nature, but that other methods did. Why is one artificial means of contraception not against nature and all others are? It has something to do with the Roman hegemony over the definition of nature.

It could be said that there are two very distinct natures. One of them is under strict Roman control. The other is beyond the pale. One is a nature shrouded in darkness and the occult practices of Roman priests. The other nature is open and available to everyone outside of Roman control.

Yes, birth control techniques besides the rhythm method do violence to nature, but only the Roman nature. They do no violence to the other nature because the other nature does not exclude them. Yes, same-sex marriage is against nature, but only the Roman nature. The other nature does not exclude same-sex love.

Links: A Roman position on homosexuality and nature. A Roman position on contraception being against nature.

24th November 2014

11:15am: The Case Against the Case Against Planned Parenthood
Pro-life groups have promoted the notion that Planned Parenthood is a racist organization dedicated to the genocide of African Americans and other marginalized peoples of color. Their case is based on a few flawed assumptions and some deliberate misrepresentations. They attack Margaret Sanger with fury in such a way that exposes the deceptive nature of their mission. They take information out of context in order to make it signify the opposite of its true significance. They use a poorly structured, possibly criminal, telephone study to put Planned Parenthood in a negative light. They lean on the sentiments of racially sensitive African American leaders to associate Planned Parenthood with authentic racist elements in American society. They display a lack of understanding of what genocide really is.

In her autobiography, Margaret Sanger describes her first encounter with a KKK women's auxiliary group. Her description of the encounter puts the Klan women in a dim light. She describes the experience as bizarre and the women as poorly educated. Pro-lifers ignore this aspect of her account and go so far as to characterize the meeting as a Klan rally when it was not. They also fail to consider the fact that Sanger was at the meeting to talk about her own mission of promoting women's rights, not the Klan's mission.

[More inside]Pro-lifers also misrepresent Sanger's relationship with the eugenics movement. Her autobiography contains references indicating a sympathy with the movement, but it also contains indications that she had difficulty getting the eugenics advocates to support her own work. Eugenics depends on involuntary sterilization rather than voluntary methods. Sanger's mission was reducing the burden on women that comes with unplanned pregnancy. She sought to empower women to take control of their own fertility. Eugenics does the opposite by denying women control. Pro-lifers deliberately ignore the fact that the most extreme advocates of eugenics opposed reproductive freedom. The Nazis shut down family planning programs in their territory.

One of the more pathetic attacks on Planned Parenthood involved "researchers" who called Planned Parenthood offices with deliberate racist appeals. (The calls may have been recorded illegally.) The racist calls claimed to advocate the abortion of African Americans out of fear of competition. Planned Parenthood has a policy of allowing donors to target their funds to a specific ethnic group. Pro-lifers claim that this makes them racist when it is the donors that are racist. The irony of the competition argument is that planned families probably have more competitive children than unplanned families. The calls were reproduced in the propaganda film "Maafa 21" which admits that the project was funded by Live Action, a pro-life group.

The film also parades the work of Samuel Yette to support the contention that there was a conspiracy to use birth control as a weapon of genocide. Yette's work is an excellent treatise on the assault on civil rights by the Nixon administration and other racist politicians. He details the reaction in Washington to a situation of near-famine conditions in the rural South. Southern states were diverting federal food subsidies intended for the poor away from African American communities. As part of the reaction to this situation, certain congressional leaders attempted to advance legislation that would make abortion and sterilization mandatory for young unwed women. Planned Parenthood was mentioned as being the only health care available for free to poor blacks in the South. There is absolutely nothing in Yette's work that links Planned Parenthood to the racists who supported forced abortion and sterilization.

The attack on Planned Parenthood has exposed the pro-life movement to ridicule. It has attempted to enlist minorities in a program that is detrimental to minority interests. It uses deceptive tactics that reflect poorly on the movement. It exploits the work of people like Yette who stands at an opposite political pole. Most embarrassing, it demonstrates an unfamiliarity with what actually constitutes genocide.

Links: Arina Grossu repeating propaganda about Sanger and the Klan. Margaret Sanger's autobiography. Samuel Yette's work on Nixon administration misdeeds.

10th November 2014

11:16am: Political Gaming
Two of my personal favorite works of politics in entertainment involve a single character portrayed in two separate imperial venues: London and Washington. The American version of "House of Games" portrays the political gamer as a social climber of the nouveaux riche who mirrors the original British character, a Tory "aristocrat." It is fitting that the same political thug comes from disparate origins on either side of the Atlantic.

[British version inside]

The character in both cases uses his sexual charm to manipulate a liberal journalist towards illiberal ends. The American wife runs a fake philanthropy with more interest in its own growth than in being a benefit to humanity. The British wife is obsessed with securing a comfortable pension for herself after her scheming husband's demise. In both versions, the wife are happy that her husband uses his stud appeal in the interest of family gain.

[American version inside]

The story line on both sides of the "pond" is pretty much the same. The political gamer pulls strings and levers to manipulate his colleagues to his own advantage. Since British and American strings and levers differ a bit, the stories vary accordingly. Both share in the basic framework of intrigue, conspiracy, and brutal tragedy.

3rd November 2014

10:56am: Jesus vs. Sol Invictus: Who Won?
From a Christian perspective Christianity is good and Paganism is evil. From a Pagan perspective Paganism is good and Christianity is evil. Christians deride the institutions that existed in the ancient world as primitive and barbarous. Pagans deride medieval institutions as primitive and barbarous. Are both sides wrong, or is one side right and the other wrong? Both sides cannot be right.

From the modern Pagan perspective the cult of Sol Invictus is an infantile institution. The principle symbol of the cult is a golden sphere referred to as the imperial orb. Folk literature portrays it as a child's toy. This reflects its immaturity in the progress of human development as well as the immaturity of those who desperately cling to it. People who have yet to outgrow the cult of Sol Invictus cannot think of themselves as underdeveloped. After all, they assume the mature responsibility of maintaining imperial stability in the name of civilization. If we subscribe to a Christian point of view, the cult of Jesus triumphed over the cult of Sol Invictus to usher in a medieval period of sweetness and light. The imperium of Sol Invictus was replaced by the imperium of the vicar of Jesus. The pestilential snake was trampled under foot and the glory of Jesus was made manifest. The Dark Ages were not as dark as the heathens would have us believe. After all, economic prosperity flourished.

From the Pagan perspective material wealth is a poor indicator of human development. The imperial orb is traditionally associated with palace culture which has existed since the birth of civilization. Jesus could hardly be considered a vector of palace culture since the palace was the seat of his antagonists in Rome and the Levant. If anything, Jesus was a threat to the primitive rat race aspects of palace culture.

The Christianity of the medieval period promoted palace culture to an extraordinary extent. Christians assured the glory of Jesus by building an incomparable palace in Rome to house the vicar of Jesus. The imperial orb continued to exist, crowned with the symbol of the death of Jesus. The material evidence indicates that the cult of Sol Invictus triumphed over the cult of Jesus. Destruction and corruption of early Jesus cult literature also points in this direction, as does the persecution of people considered to be heretical enemies of Constantine's Church. The continued celebration of the solar rebirth in the fourth week of December puts icing on the cake.

From the Pagan perspective medieval Christianity, and its modern remnants, form the continued existence of the cult of Sol Invictus by another name.

29th October 2014

9:27am: Halloween and San Francisco Values
Americans who participate in the national cult of major league baseball, albeit from the sidelines, might be aware that the colors of the San Francisco team match the colors of the all-hallows eve festival. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the American cult, it is a game of skill and chance with roots in the British sport of cricket. Many aspects of the game have ties to esoteric occult concepts. The all-hallows eve festival is a bit more universal with roots in a pre-Christian religious festival. It shares this pedigree with the festival of Sol Invictus which is celebrated during the fourth week of December.

San Francisco is so famous for its raucous celebration of this ancient Pagan rite that some folks come here to dress in costume year round. Why party one day a year when you can keep it going around the calendar? That was the practice of ancient kings and their more recent incarnation at the court of Saint James in England. The denizens of Hippie Hill have more in common with plutocrats than they imagine.

If we judged the entire city by the habits of these blessed few, we might come away with a rather dim view of San Francisco and its values. Most of us only party on designated occasions and visit Hippie Hill for a contact high. We do not dress up to deceive except to seem more "professional" than we are at heart. On any given day more yoga mats can be seen in public than cannabis vaporizers. The latter can easily be confused with their tobacco counterparts.

Housing costs in San Francisco exceed those in New York City. Demand is enormous and space is tight. Many folks must work their fingers to the bone to keep a roof over the heads of their families. This has sparked a resentment toward technology professionals and the semi-green vehicles that bus them to work in southern suburbs. Yes, it is true: we have a reverse commuter situation here where the city has become a bedroom community to the industrial 'burbs. Young folk have evidently learned that it is safer to stagger home from a party venue than depend on a designated driver.

For this years all-hallows eve festivities I shall dress as Sarah Palin. No figure is more frightening on the street of San Francisco.

12th October 2014

2:31pm: Kill the Messenger: a lesson in thought control
The movie Kill the Messenger dramatizes the story of Gary Webb's encounter with CIA media spin control. It is a rather moderate film compared to the work of Oliver Stone, but it clearly depicts a level of thought control and complicity on the part of American mainstream media outlets. It is worth seeing in theaters for the benefit of some of the topics it brings up. Webb published an expose on CIA involvement in the American urban crack epidemic through its support for the Nicaraguan Contras during the Reagan years.

One of the fascinating aspects of the whole story is how people dismiss the work of Webb because they failed to duplicate his results. One of the aspects of the thought control process was putting words in Webb's mouth that he did not write then saying such assertions could not be verified. The fact checking that was done by the mainstreamers was limited to interviewing CIA public relations officers and an imprisoned narcotics trafficker. The CIA guys made a big deal out of the fact that they were not consulted by Webb when he was working on his expose. The narcotics trafficker denied having spoken with Webb who bribed his way into the prison. It is ironic that Webb was attacked for sourcing stories based on the testimony of drug traffickers, yet the mainstream outlets used the statement of just such a person to try to discredit Webb.

Let this story be a lesson to anyone who considers swimming against the current of a blatantly pro-CIA media establishment. It is also a good lesson in how the first amendment has been marginalized by sycophantic media toadies.

11th October 2014

2:16pm: World Mental Health Day?
Yesterday was world mental health day. One of the things that its founders advocate is the "proper" treatment and care of those considered mentally unwell. The state of best practices in the mental health profession is pretty damned abysmal. Those who advocate "best" practices tend to overlook the inadequacies of such practices and the need for better practices. Development of better practices is hindered by interference from those with a financial commitment to abusive practices.

The three most frequently used forms of psychiatric abuse are lobotomy, electro-shock (ECT), and hard sedation. The first two were more popular in the past than they are now. The third is considered to be so normal and even necessary that to deny sedation would leave a practitioner liable to a malpractice suit. All three practices have been shown to result in brain damage at one level or another. Although the damage caused by sedation is less apparent than that caused by the other two "treatments," it can still be quite significant. Tardive dyskinesia is an overt symptom of such damage. Its prevalence can be reduced with secondary drugs. More subtle damage results in more subtle damage symptoms.

What we need is not a day to focus on mental health, but a day to focus on psychiatric abuse and its countless victims.

8th October 2014

2:30pm: The never changing Jesus
I saw a sign outside someone's house that said, "Jesus: the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow." This prompted me to think of Jesus as the guy who opposed, opposes, and will oppose birth control and marriage equality. (I do not actually think Jesus would side with the Catholic position, but the sign was in a Catholic neighborhood.) I mentioned this sign to one of my neighbors. He had no idea that there were birth control techniques at the time of Jesus. I gave him a bit of a history lesson on how the Roman government banned birth control in order to maintain a hefty population. The sign should read, "Caesar: the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow."

5th October 2014

1:55pm: Why Do Fundamentalists Hate Wisdom?
I have had a privileged education, not because I had rich parents who sent me to the most expensive schools, but because I had wise parents who did not send me to Sunday school. My exposure to biblical literature did not begin until I had graduated from college. This means that I was not indoctrinated into a rigid interpretation of what appears in its pages. It allowed my mind to be stimulated and exposed to metaphoric meaning long before being exposed to something that other youngsters were told was divine writ.

There are a great many pointers to wisdom in the Bible. There are references to concepts that show up in pagan wisdom literature, such as the seed sower paradigm. There are also many indicators that demonstrate the hypocrisies in fundamentalists practice. When I encountered the injunction to avoid public prayer, I practically rolled on the floor in a realization that fundamentalists know so little about what is in the pages of the Bible.

Pagan wisdom schools were persecuted by the Church in the sixth century. It was also a time when heretical Christian literature was burned for its obvious threat to the established order. The greatest irony of this persecution is that the best minds of the Christian orthodox tradition had been trained in those wisdom schools. A good deal of them had dropped out before learning enough to poke holes in orthodoxy.

Much is made of the Jewish background of Jesus, but little is made of the Pagan origins of Judaism and of the wisdom schools that had such an obvious influence on his life and mission. Fundamentalists cannot fathom these connections because such connections challenge the paradigm that Jesus descended from outer space rather than from exposure to Cynics, Stoics, and neo-Pythagoreans. Pagan wisdom traditions demonstrate the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of the fundamentalist tradition of intellectual repression and bigotry.

7th August 2014

5:41pm: International Community? What International Community?
The recent tragedy in the sky over the Ukraine has shined an unexpected spotlight on the most secret of enclaves, the American military intelligence machine. Those of us who have studied that machine from the outside and from within know that it is far better at contriving information than in delivering it. This can be seen again in the reports on the Malaysian air disaster.

Media pundits bandy the words "international community" about as if they had genuine significance. If this so-called community was a real community, the raw data would not be held in the private hands of American military intelligence. If this so-called international conglomerate was truly international, the Americans would treat their partners as equals, not as subordinates.

Some of out students have come up with alternative scenarios that place culpability in spots less comfortable to advocates of the American empire. One such scenario includes the possibility of an on-board explosive, such as a terrorist device. Another scenario is that the raw data includes electronic signals intended to make the airliner appear to be a military aircraft. This is the kind of deceptive technique that was most likely employed in the KAL-007 incident.

Those who fail to learn from the deceptive practices of American military intelligence are doomed to be deceived by them. There is a genuine international community, but you will not find it on CNN or Faux News.

25th June 2014

8:44am: What is Wrong with Laura's Law?
Organizations like the National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI), which receives funding from the pharmaceutical industry, favor the implementation of Laura's Law in California. The basic premise of the law is that there are two kinds of people in society. One kind suffers from an amorphous condition called mental illness. The other kind have the extraordinary capacity to know what is right for the first kind of people. Laura's Law takes rights away from the first kind and grants coercive powers to the second kind. In an objective world this would appear to be insane.

Some members of NAMI favor the law because it would make their own lives easier. they have people in their families who they consider to be mentally ill. The law would grant them the capacity to coerce their family members into accepting a "treatment" regime of brain damaging sedatives. These people operate under the assumption that such sedatives do not cause more harm than help. They also believe that the people who admister such harsh drugs operate on a scientific grounding.

The industrial financiers of NAMI have an obvious economic interest in the law. They also have an interest in deceiving the public about the true nature of their products. The more that people learn about the deleterious effects of their "treatment" regimes, the less demand there is for their wares.

One of the greatest ironies of Laura's Law is that it was implemented in Orange County, California using the brutal slaying of a homeless man by police as a rationale. I suppose the logic goes that had the man been subdued by brain crippling sedatives, he never would have had a tussle with the fuzz. Proponents of Laura's Law see the need to deny rights to the "mentally ill" before they are murdered by "law" enforcers. There is something entirely unhealthy about this state of affairs.

21st June 2014

2:42pm: Fascism and Capitalism
How are fascism and capitalism related? Before we investigate this question we need to agree on a definition of fascism and capitalism. Both are social constructs that are conceived differently in different social circles. I have heard it said that a lone fruit vendor qualifies as a participant in capitalism. This does not conform to the definition of capitalism with which I am personally familiar. Likewise there are people who consider science to be essential to fascism and associate free thought with the f-word. This does not conform to the definition of fascism with which I am familiar.

A lone fruit vendor might participate in capitalism by borrowing money in order to stay in business. She may be forced to purchase the fruit from an agribusiness due to the lack of independent growers. She may pay rent to a landlord and protection money to a mafia thug. All of these things can integrate the fruit vendor into the hallowed system of capitalism, but merely selling fruit does not constitute capitalism.

Likewise fascism exploits science in order to achieve its ends, but science is not essential to fascism. The Italian fascisti used the fruits of scientific technology to dominate territory in Africa. The German fascisti used technology to perform ethnic cleansing efficiently. The American fascisti use technology to integrate the fascisti of multiple ethnic backgrounds. Just because the fascisti use the fruits of science does not make science inherently fascist.

The archetypal fascisti of ancient Rome were masters of capital and science. They collected rent in the form of tribute. They lent precious metals at interest on a multi-national scale. They employed technology to train and equip their military and to build civil structures. They burned books and executed rebels to maintain the status quo. It could be said that there is no significant distinction between capitalism and fascism.

5th June 2014

8:27am: A New Kind of Pseudo-science?
Different people use words differently, especially when multiple disciplines use the same word in ways that are unique to the discipline. Pseudo-science is one such word. People in the "hard" sciences use it to refer to "soft" sciences. People in the "soft" sciences use it to refer to the mytho-poetic use of scientific jargon. The way I use it is to refer to something that professes scientific rigor, but falls short of disciplined inquiry.

I recently ran into a manifestation of this phenomenon in the works of Michio Kaku, a self-professed man of science. In his book, The Future of the Mind, Kaku provides his audience with an overview of the CIA's MKULTRA program of mind control research. He mentions the planned use of the microwave auditory effect to craft a maching that would project a human voice in the head of its target victim. He quickly dismisses this idea by claiming that the microwave auditory effect "most likely violated the laws of physics, since the human brain cannot receive microwave radiation." (p. 185)

What Kaku does not mention is that a significant amount of research effort was expended on investigating the microwave auditory effect outside of the MKULTRA program. It is a real life phenomenon that promises to bear fruits far more productive than mind control machines. Kaku does himself and his audience a great disservice by so glibly dismissing something so useful. He also does a disservice to the civilian researchers who spent long hours investigating the phenomenon with both human and non-human animal test subjects. He does a disservice to the laws of physics by implying that he knows them fully.

When someone claims to be a scientist yet foresakes scientific rigor for pedantic posturing, one can only conclude he or she is a fake scientist. In such a case, the label pseudo-science is quite apropos. I will not even go into Kaku's poor performance when it comes to aerodynamic contrail recognition. That is a topic worthy of conspiracy theory.

29th May 2014

8:40am: Mental illness?
When someone like Elliot Rodger commits an atrocity by killing people out of spite, a great deal of hand-wringing occurs with the words "mental illness" thrown in. Rodger' atrocity was socially unacceptable, so his actions are seen as symptomatic of "illness." When the federal government commits similar atrocities, they are considered socially acceptable and do not fall under the "illness" rubric. Opposing such socially acceptable atrocities might warrant such a label.

In his pre-atrocity video Rodger demonstrated what could be considered to be ordered thinking. Women and men who enjoyed sex while he was involuntarily celibate were considered to be responsible for his suffering. They deserved punisment. He failed to see his own errors and how those errors prevented him from either having a satisfying sex life or enjoying life without sexual experiences. This kind of self-ignorance cannot be considered a disease just as ignorance of a mole on one's backside is not considered a disease.

Knowledge and ignorance are social institutions. Rodger is not the only individual who suffers from ignorance of his own condition. When President Obama slaughters a group of people overseas because he believes that he is fighting terrorism, he suffers from a similar blind spot. He believes that being judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one is a positive role to play. He believes that raining terror down on foreigners will somehow deter terror. His lack of self-knowledge is just as pronounced and deadly as that of Rodger, yet he is not seen as mentally "ill."

Rodger was not an "alpha" male, yet he wanted to be one. President Obama is not the leader of a free people, yet he wants to be one. Rodger was not a gentleman, yet thought of himself as such. President Obama does not act in the interest of America, yet he thinks of himself as such. The fact that millions of people support Obama and only a few troglodytes support Rodger makes Obama's self-delusions socially acceptable and therefore "healthy."

2nd January 2014

8:01am: Neural Wave Technology: Chat Rooms of the Future
Aaron Alexis complained of being harassed by military personnel who used electronic equipment to disturb his sleep. Those who are unfamiliar with neural wave technology consider this to be a symptom of psychosis. They base this on the false assumption that such equipment does not exist combined with the fact that Alexis' complaints match the classic symptom of hearing voices associated with schizophrenia. Had Alexis suffered from true psychosis he probably would not have considered the voices he heard to be of an external origin, nor would they have seemed to be. Simulated psychosis is not quite the same as the real thing.

In a recent discussion on the future of neural wave networking I made the argument that as the technology progresses and more people are tuned in to a neural chat space, the absence of connectivity will be a symptom of degradation. It will mean that the individual has little of value to share in such a space. Psychiatrists may even perceive it to be a form of mental illness, especially if the unconnected individual feels alienated as a consequence. They might prescribe drugs that induce a false sense of connectivity just as they now prescribe drugs that induce pseudo-tranquility.

Some of the participants were quite uncomfortable with the idea of using neural wave technology for purposes of broader connectivity. They worked on the technology as a weapons system. Broad familiarity with the technology reduces its effectiveness when used to harass victims like Alexis. Had more people been savvy to the capacities of the technology Alexis complaints would have met with a more constructive reaction and the hounds of Hell would have been called off. Another problem with broader use of neural wave technology as civilian chat spaces is that it raises awareness of crimes committed by military and intelligence personnel in the decades leading up to the Alexis affair. Alexis may yet prove to be a current day Dreyfus.

19th December 2013

7:16am: Neural Wave Technology: Deliberate Data Corruption
During the developmental phase of our networking technology we encountered a significant level of resistance in the form of data corrupting machines. Rather than seeing this as a form of network sabotage we incorporated the corrupting elements into our developmental test environment as fault injection machines. Our own technology would need to be good enough to detect faulty components and correct the errors that they introduced into the data stream.

The nature of the data corruption gave us an idea of the people who introduced the faults into the data stream. The name "Hermes" was transformed into "herpes," for example. The corrupting agents had an aversion to classical nomenclature. There is a fundamentalist fear of the revival of Pagan culture because it has the power to liberate people from fundamentalism. Fundamentalists consider Hermes to be an illegitimate persona compared to the material Creator of the flat and immobile Earth whose devotees practice the craft of data corruption.

Our initial approach to the data corrupting network elements was to scope out their limitations and work around them. They operated by pattern matching a single word and stepping on it with one or more words. We found that we could successfully transmit a targeted word by modifying it in such a way that the corrupting element would not match on it. Another corruption method was to anticipate a word and step on it. To work around this corruption algorithm we used a stream interruption approach that tripped up the corruption mechanism by truncating the transmission just at the point of corruption. In other words, we out anticipated the corrupting element.

Overall the corrupting elements have served us quite well. We have improved the integrity of our network service and learned to employ the corrupting elements to our advantage in other ways.

3rd December 2013

3:18pm: Neural Wave Technology: Neural Wave Scanners
One of the things we tell our newest students is that they cannot hide their participation in our school from neural scanners. The ability to defeat a neural scanner requires a significant amount of experience with neural scanning equipment. We naturally expect scanning technology to improve as more people become accustomed to it and develop strategies to work around the scanning algorithms.

The simplest scanners function at a lingual level. They pick up on an individual's internal dialog and perform a pattern match against a database of interest. An uncatalogued individual of interest can be added to the database upon first contact with the scanner.

A more sophisticated scanner can search for a set of people based on a common experience. This requires a more intrusive scanning algorithm to probe for the experience in a broad group of people. This kind of scanner reveals itself somewhat in the scanning process. The subject being scanned may become aware of the scanning process and be alerted to the nature of the search.

One of the benefits of a neural wave network connection is that it automatically informs the connected individual of the presence of any scanner waveform. The scanner detects the presence of the network connection and moves on to the next scan subject. The network connection serves as a sort of shield to protect network participants from intrusive scanning.

17th October 2013

8:38am: Who is this Lucifer Character, Anyway?
A video on a Christian conspiracy theory on power politics abuses the Gnostic handle by mixing it up with Jesuits, Freemasons and neo-conservatives. The theory posits the core belief as a desire for apotheosis (the deification of the individual). This theory portrays Lucifer as the human potential and everything that disagrees with the advocate, Phillip Darrell Collins, as basically evil.

This prompted a discussion with some of our students about what the Christian Lucifer is and how it differs from the original Lucifer. Like the Christian deity, the anti-deity of Lucifer was crafted at the beginning of the Medieval period in the conflict between the orthodox power structure and its antagonists. Most people associate the Christian Lucifer with the prince of the domain of eternal torment. For those of us who have never bought into the paradigm of eternal torment, the character has little or no meaning. For those who seek to transcend the paradigm of eternal torment, people like Phillip Darrell Collins serve only as a stumbling block.

17th September 2013

8:55am: Neural Wave Technology: A Case Study
What are the advantages of understanding neural wave technology? As with anything understanding it is better than being in the dark. As an example of what can happen to those who are in the dark, take the case of Danita. She thought that she heard a divine voice urging her to pursue a business career. What she heard was probably a human voice transmitted by neural wave technology. She says,

I’m leaving my last interview with Frank where I just turned down the sales position with a Fortune 100 company. I find myself in an empty elevator where I hear a “voice.” I immediately recognize it as the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The “voice” gently, yet firmly says, “Danita, say yes.”

Shocked, I defiantly reply, “You gotta be kidding! I have my plans! I’m going to be a medical missionary; after medical school I’m going to Africa!”

The voice, so calm and patient, went right to the core of my being saying, “I’m calling you to be a missionary to the business world.”
If she had any understanding of neural wave technology, she would not have mistaken the voice for a Biblical character. If she were better trained in religion, she would have known that caring for people in a medical practice trumps making money for a fortune 100 company.

Her story starts here.

26th August 2013

11:34am: Nerual Wave Technology: Lion's Gate Project
The military guys would not tell us the name of their neural wave research project so we dubbed it Lion's Gate. They have been pretty frustrated by their inability to overcome civilian networking capabilities. One of our guys pointed out that that is ultimately impossible given the number of civilians compared to the number of military personnel. I suspect that they have civilian envy because military electronic equipment has traditionally been more powerful than civilian electronic equipment. What the military actually needs is less power and greater fidelity. That goes against the grain of typical martial practice.

11th July 2013

9:13am: Neural Wave Technology: American Military Contractors Negotiate with China?
Our people have been critical of the quality of craftsmanship of American military neural wave weaponry. Our school has a policy of assisting beleaguered military personnel in defeating the equipment. The rationale is that the military are so far behind the developmental learning curve that they cannot recover to the point of posing a threat to the international community. This seems to have had an effect on the ability of military contractors to meet their obligations to the Pentagon. One potential fallout of that failure may be attempts to convince the Chinese government to invest in the ailing project. There is also a concern that one or more of the principal engineers could cut an run with the gist of the technology to the dollar-fat Asian empire. This should be no real concern to American security interests, but Korea, Japan, and India may not appreciate the transfer.

17th June 2013

9:13am: Neural Wave Technology: Historical Reflection
In the 1960s Australian academic D. M. Armstrong speculated on the possibility of an underlying physical principle for telepathic phenomena. At the time that he made that speculation, the macro phenomenon of brain waves was well known. The micro phenomenon of the Frohlich effect was not as well publicized but it was manifested in infrared photography and in the use of night vision goggles. Holographic projection was also perfected with the use of a coherent light source. All of the elements needed for neural wave technology had been developed by the time I entered grade school. Philip K. Dick may well have been one of the earliest civilian test subjects of military neural wave applications in the years before I attended college. He wrote about phenomena that can be explained by neural wave technology.

People who know nothing about neural wave phenomena can be easily deceived by someone using a neural wave machine. Philip K. Dick did not conceive of such a device as a source of his experience. He projected the cause to some divine agency. He was unaware of the hand of Caesar at work. This is also the case for people who have been deceived into thinking that they heard a divine voice when what they heard was a human professing to be divine. Had they known about neural wave machinery they would have realized that someone was playing material Creator using an electromechanical contraption.

The scientific literature is full of reasons to be skeptical about the level of neural wave development. It is as if the scientific community is scared to death about letting the cat out of the bag. There is also a certain level of territoriality evident in neural research that rejects findings that jeopardize the narrow domain of synaptic studies and the futile search for chemical agency. Neural wave phenomena put the lie to the false assumptions of biochemical determinism and their religiously dedicated adherents in the neural research community. Small minded people like John Eccles have pointed to a lack of mathematical sophistication necessary in order to escape from the synaptic cave of illusion.

Neural wave machinery may seem diabolical because of the way that military minded people have developed the technology. It has been abused in the past and it will be abused in the future. That is no reason to hate it or to vainly attempt to outlaw it. The capacity of the technology to improve the human condition cannot be measured. Like fire it can warm things up to a comfortable level, but it can also heat things up to the point of destruction. The military prefers the latter category of applications, but they fear that the former category will render their jobs obsolete.

11th June 2013

8:58am: Material Creator vs. Satan
After a baptism ceremony, an Anglican minister commented on why babies cry during baptism. She said that the folk lore on the matter claims that the reason for the baby's crying is that Satan has fled from the baby. This prompted me to tell a story of an interaction I had with a small child. The child asked me if I knew Jesus. I responded that I knew of Jesus, but I did not know Jesus. I pointed out that we can only know of Jesus. We cannot actually know him. The child asked me if I knew Satan. I replied that I did, in fact, know Satan because I married him. The Anglican minister did not take this story in jest. Instead, she was quite disturbed. I told her that her reaction was worth the price of admission.

This brought up a discussion in class about the relationship between Satan and the material Creator of the flat and immobile Earth. Legend has it that Satan is an angel of the material Creator who has fallen to Earth. Since we now know that the material Creator was crafted by Roman theologians at the beginning of the Medieval period, we could say that the Creator is actually an instrument of Satan. Satan is not really opposed to the material Creator because the Creator is one of his creatures.

30th May 2013

9:56am: Why are there so few Christians in the Heavens?
In the legend of Jesus there is a parable that comes from the Pythagorean tradition of a seed sower. The parable contains the key to why Christians, for the most part, fail to transcend the domain of suffering. We have seen this process at work again and again as we interact with Christians in our daily lives. Any time a Christian is handed a pointer to the route out of suffering she immediately rejects it as if it were some work of deception. She shuns it as a diabolical device. From the perspective of the parable, the seed is snatched away from her consciousness before it has time to take root.

You might think that this aspect of the parable does not apply because the Christian rejects the seed rather than the seed being snatched away before taking root. This would imply that the Christian has control over her own consciousness. What if the Christian were programmed by an external agent to reject the seed as "anti-Christian?" The infertility of her consciousness is not something she decided on for her own life. It came to her from her cultural surroundings. Her natural spiritual fertility was carefully eliminated through a process of indoctrination. She goes through life having seeds snatched away from her by a pre-programmed rejection of all things "anti-Christian." It is as if the Father of suffering was at work denying her any possibility of transcendence.

The snatching away part of the parable is more appropriate because of the rapidity with which the seed is rejected. The only other candidate would be the rocky ground in which no seed could take root. This would imply that the Christian also rejects the seeds of orthodoxy. The rocky ground mindset better applies to people who are trapped in the prison of scientism where ideas of suffering and transcendence are equally rejected.

15th May 2013

9:35am: Unwilling Membership
The issue of coerced proselytism by fundamentalist Christians brought up a concern for the existence of unwilling members in our order. A number of people have been initiated into our order against their wills. This happens when they are pulled into the order upon coming close to our security network. I tell them that I, too, became a member against my will when I was pushed into the security apparatus. Whether pushed or pulled, we all got here unwillingly.

Is this the same sort of personal violation as coerced fundamentalist proselytism? Some people may perceive it as such. Fundamentalists would be the first to affirm a clear distinction. When they lose one of their members to our order they noticed distinct changes in behavior. The lost member is no longer willing to pay her dues to the social club, for example. Fundamentalists who have joined our order comment on how their past spiritual lives were mere kindergartens compared to their new role.

One of the greatest distinctions is that joining our order cannot be seen as proselytism. There is no set of beliefs that new members are expected to subscribe to. There is no central figure of adoration that members are expected to bow to. There is no set of mumbo jumbo that members are expected to recite. There is no financial commitment. Instead, members learn how to expand their spiritual horizons and how to stay safe in shark-infested waters.

We all got here unwillingly but we do not regret it. Our lives and experiences are deeper and more meaningful as a result. It makes an individual's previous experience seem like a hell on Earth.
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