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Political Gaming

Two of my personal favorite works of politics in entertainment involve a single character portrayed in two separate imperial venues: London and Washington. The American version of "House of Games" portrays the political gamer as a social climber of the nouveaux riche who mirrors the original British character, a Tory "aristocrat." It is fitting that the same political thug comes from disparate origins on either side of the Atlantic.

[British version inside]

The character in both cases uses his sexual charm to manipulate a liberal journalist towards illiberal ends. The American wife runs a fake philanthropy with more interest in its own growth than in being a benefit to humanity. The British wife is obsessed with securing a comfortable pension for herself after her scheming husband's demise. In both versions, the wife are happy that her husband uses his stud appeal in the interest of family gain.

[American version inside]

The story line on both sides of the "pond" is pretty much the same. The political gamer pulls strings and levers to manipulate his colleagues to his own advantage. Since British and American strings and levers differ a bit, the stories vary accordingly. Both share in the basic framework of intrigue, conspiracy, and brutal tragedy.
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