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Halloween and San Francisco Values

Americans who participate in the national cult of major league baseball, albeit from the sidelines, might be aware that the colors of the San Francisco team match the colors of the all-hallows eve festival. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the American cult, it is a game of skill and chance with roots in the British sport of cricket. Many aspects of the game have ties to esoteric occult concepts. The all-hallows eve festival is a bit more universal with roots in a pre-Christian religious festival. It shares this pedigree with the festival of Sol Invictus which is celebrated during the fourth week of December.

San Francisco is so famous for its raucous celebration of this ancient Pagan rite that some folks come here to dress in costume year round. Why party one day a year when you can keep it going around the calendar? That was the practice of ancient kings and their more recent incarnation at the court of Saint James in England. The denizens of Hippie Hill have more in common with plutocrats than they imagine.

If we judged the entire city by the habits of these blessed few, we might come away with a rather dim view of San Francisco and its values. Most of us only party on designated occasions and visit Hippie Hill for a contact high. We do not dress up to deceive except to seem more "professional" than we are at heart. On any given day more yoga mats can be seen in public than cannabis vaporizers. The latter can easily be confused with their tobacco counterparts.

Housing costs in San Francisco exceed those in New York City. Demand is enormous and space is tight. Many folks must work their fingers to the bone to keep a roof over the heads of their families. This has sparked a resentment toward technology professionals and the semi-green vehicles that bus them to work in southern suburbs. Yes, it is true: we have a reverse commuter situation here where the city has become a bedroom community to the industrial 'burbs. Young folk have evidently learned that it is safer to stagger home from a party venue than depend on a designated driver.

For this years all-hallows eve festivities I shall dress as Sarah Palin. No figure is more frightening on the street of San Francisco.
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