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Neural Wave Technology: Chat Rooms of the Future

Aaron Alexis complained of being harassed by military personnel who used electronic equipment to disturb his sleep. Those who are unfamiliar with neural wave technology consider this to be a symptom of psychosis. They base this on the false assumption that such equipment does not exist combined with the fact that Alexis' complaints match the classic symptom of hearing voices associated with schizophrenia. Had Alexis suffered from true psychosis he probably would not have considered the voices he heard to be of an external origin, nor would they have seemed to be. Simulated psychosis is not quite the same as the real thing.

In a recent discussion on the future of neural wave networking I made the argument that as the technology progresses and more people are tuned in to a neural chat space, the absence of connectivity will be a symptom of degradation. It will mean that the individual has little of value to share in such a space. Psychiatrists may even perceive it to be a form of mental illness, especially if the unconnected individual feels alienated as a consequence. They might prescribe drugs that induce a false sense of connectivity just as they now prescribe drugs that induce pseudo-tranquility.

Some of the participants were quite uncomfortable with the idea of using neural wave technology for purposes of broader connectivity. They worked on the technology as a weapons system. Broad familiarity with the technology reduces its effectiveness when used to harass victims like Alexis. Had more people been savvy to the capacities of the technology Alexis complaints would have met with a more constructive reaction and the hounds of Hell would have been called off. Another problem with broader use of neural wave technology as civilian chat spaces is that it raises awareness of crimes committed by military and intelligence personnel in the decades leading up to the Alexis affair. Alexis may yet prove to be a current day Dreyfus.
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