sophia_sadek (sophia_sadek) wrote,

Neural Wave Technology: Deliberate Data Corruption

During the developmental phase of our networking technology we encountered a significant level of resistance in the form of data corrupting machines. Rather than seeing this as a form of network sabotage we incorporated the corrupting elements into our developmental test environment as fault injection machines. Our own technology would need to be good enough to detect faulty components and correct the errors that they introduced into the data stream.

The nature of the data corruption gave us an idea of the people who introduced the faults into the data stream. The name "Hermes" was transformed into "herpes," for example. The corrupting agents had an aversion to classical nomenclature. There is a fundamentalist fear of the revival of Pagan culture because it has the power to liberate people from fundamentalism. Fundamentalists consider Hermes to be an illegitimate persona compared to the material Creator of the flat and immobile Earth whose devotees practice the craft of data corruption.

Our initial approach to the data corrupting network elements was to scope out their limitations and work around them. They operated by pattern matching a single word and stepping on it with one or more words. We found that we could successfully transmit a targeted word by modifying it in such a way that the corrupting element would not match on it. Another corruption method was to anticipate a word and step on it. To work around this corruption algorithm we used a stream interruption approach that tripped up the corruption mechanism by truncating the transmission just at the point of corruption. In other words, we out anticipated the corrupting element.

Overall the corrupting elements have served us quite well. We have improved the integrity of our network service and learned to employ the corrupting elements to our advantage in other ways.
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