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Why are there so few Christians in the Heavens?

In the legend of Jesus there is a parable that comes from the Pythagorean tradition of a seed sower. The parable contains the key to why Christians, for the most part, fail to transcend the domain of suffering. We have seen this process at work again and again as we interact with Christians in our daily lives. Any time a Christian is handed a pointer to the route out of suffering she immediately rejects it as if it were some work of deception. She shuns it as a diabolical device. From the perspective of the parable, the seed is snatched away from her consciousness before it has time to take root.

You might think that this aspect of the parable does not apply because the Christian rejects the seed rather than the seed being snatched away before taking root. This would imply that the Christian has control over her own consciousness. What if the Christian were programmed by an external agent to reject the seed as "anti-Christian?" The infertility of her consciousness is not something she decided on for her own life. It came to her from her cultural surroundings. Her natural spiritual fertility was carefully eliminated through a process of indoctrination. She goes through life having seeds snatched away from her by a pre-programmed rejection of all things "anti-Christian." It is as if the Father of suffering was at work denying her any possibility of transcendence.

The snatching away part of the parable is more appropriate because of the rapidity with which the seed is rejected. The only other candidate would be the rocky ground in which no seed could take root. This would imply that the Christian also rejects the seeds of orthodoxy. The rocky ground mindset better applies to people who are trapped in the prison of scientism where ideas of suffering and transcendence are equally rejected.
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